The Amazing Spider-Man Slings His Way to No. 1

Domestic Weekend Box Office

Weekend of 05/02/2014

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – $92.0M
  2. The Other Woman – $14.2M
  3. Heaven Is for Real – $8.7M
  4. Captain America: The Winter Solider – $7.8M
  5. Rio – $7.6M
  6. Brick Mansion – $3.5M
  7. Divergent – $2.2M
  8. The Quiet Ones – $2.0M
  9. God’s Not Dead – $1.8M
  10. The Grand Budapest Hotel – $1.7M

Dolce and Gabbana Sentenced to Over a Year in Jail

The Italian court of appeals has upheld the lower court’s decision, finding the duo of designers guilty of tax evasion stemming from the 2008 charge. Lawyers for the luxe label vow to appeal the decision to the highest court.

The saga continues…

THR’s 2014 Industry Power Lawyers Announced

The list is out! The Hollywood Reporter revealed it’s 2014 picks for Industry Power Lawyers early this morning. No surprise that Ziffren Brittenham dominated the list of 100. Notably, Southwestern Law School alum nabbed several spots on the list which included: John P. Burke, Warren Dern, Daniel Petrocelli and of course Neville Johnson. Check out the link below for the complete A to Z list.

Let’s Talk Legality of a Forced Sale

Finally, it is time to discuss the legality and possible ramifications of Donald Sterling’s punishment. I am surprised that until now no one has discussed how the law will factor into the way this situation unfolds, considering Sterling is infamously litigious and that he is an attorney (he went to my law school about 100 years ago).  What we know is that article 13 of the league’s constitution does allow a team owner to be ousted provided that three fourths of the teams’ ownership groups vote to do so under certain conditions. Read the constitution and bylaws for yourself at: and let me know if you think any of the conditions have been met. 

What would you argue?

Banned from the Club

It’s official. Donald Sterling has been banned from the club…for life. Adam Silver the NBA commissioner announced earlier today that the embroiled Clippers owner is banned for life from any association with the NBA and will try to force a sale of the team. 

Whose victory is it really?

Donald Sterling Fall Out? Clippers Game Tops Ratings

Following the vexed owner’s highly publicized rant, Nielsen reported the Clippers’ Sunday night playoff game yielded a massive Twitter audience, the largest of any TV program all week. The game generated a Twitter audience of a shocking 8.1 million people and generated nearly 600,000 tweets. 

While the NBA is still investigating the incident, the NBA player’s association is lobbying for immediate punishment. Clippers sponsors have been quick to suspend or end their association with the team. 

How do you think the NBA should remedy this disturbing situation?

“The Other Woman” Defeats Captain America at the Box Office

Domestic Weekend Box Office

Weekend of 04/25/2014

  1. The Other Woman – $24.7M
  2. Captain America: The Winter Solider – $16.0M
  3. Heaven Is for Real – $13.8M
  4. Rio – $13.7M
  5. Brick Mansion – $9.6M
  6. Transcendence – $4.1M
  7. The Quiet Ones – $4.0M
  8. Bears – $3.6M
  9. Divergent – $3.6M
  10. A Haunted House 2 – $3.3M

Captain America Tops Domestic Box Office Again

Domestic Weekend Box Office

Weekend of 04/18/2014

  1. Captain America: The Winter Solider – $26.6M
  2. Rio 2 – $22.5M
  3. Heaven Is for Real – $21.5M
  4. Transcendence – $11.2M
  5. A Haunted House – 2 $9.1M
  6. Draft Day – $5.9M
  7. Divergent – $5.8M
  8. Oculus – $5.2M
  9. Noah – $5M
  10. God’s Not Dead – $4.8M


Former Jay Z Producer Caught with “The Blueprint” for Extortion?

Chancey Mahan, a producer who reportedly worked with Jay Z from 2008-2009 was allegedly found with Roc-A-Fella Records’ master recordings worth an estimated $15-$20 million. The recordings, which were believed to be lost, were discovered when LAPD detained Mahan for questioning at a storage facility that housed the recordings. There is growing speculation that the master recordings were going to be used in an extortion plot. Currently, LAPD remains in possession of the recordings until a formal determination of their ownership can be made.

Check back for more details as the plot unfolds!